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K-20 Cybersecurity CECOR Project

Norfolk State University leads a collaborative effort among thirteen colleges and universities, one public school district, two national laboratories, and a DOD facility to develop a K-20 pipeline for cybersecurity workforce.

The project will create a workforce development program to produce well-qualified cybersecurity professionals in significant numbers to address the pressing cybersecurity workforce shortage.

During the five-year performance period, we will focus on providing support at each stage of the k-20 pipeline. We will: Identify students at an early age and engage them in cybersecurity activities; provide scholarship support for undergraduate and graduate students; Provide summer internships to students to expose them to the work environment at SNL, LLNL, and SPAWAR; provide students year-round mentorship by SNL, LLNL, and SPAWAR personnel; establish a seamless hiring process at SNL, LLNL, and SPAWAR. In addition, we will provide support for early k-12 by providing awareness of cybersecurity to k-12 students and information to guidance counselors and teachers in CCSD and local school districts.