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College of Science, Engineerin and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
PHY 160 : Practice Area

Text - Fundamentals of Physics, Sixth Edition, Halliday, Resnick, Walker
           Visit the Student Companion Site for interactive problems and illustrations.

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Tutorials- offer users interactive and results viewing or e-mailing; includes explanations of why items could be incorrect
The Physics Classroom
Physics Lesson
Fear of Physics

References - sites that offer modern day definitions to difficult topics; includes demonstrations, animations, graphs and numerous other visual aids
Physics Concepts (Glossary)
Hyper Physics Concepts
Physics 2000
Physics Help

Other Resource(s) - sites that have some physics topics, definitions, examples, and formulas for different and/or specific topics
How Things Work
Physics Laboratory
Open Directory-Physics: Education

Paid Technologies - applications that help students better understand topics by allowing them to create real life animation for better understanding of given topics
Interactive Learning inc. (Higher
Physics - Online

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