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College of Science, Engineerin and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
PHY 152 : Lecture Notes

Chapter 2: Kinematics: Description of Motion
Motion in One Dimension
Relative Motion in One Dimension

Chapter 3: Motion in Two Dimensions
Moving in Two Dimensions
Relative Motion in Two Dimensions
Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion Analyzed

Chapter 4: Force and Motion
Force and Motion I
Force and Motion II

Chapter 5: Work and Energy
Kinetic Energy and Work

Chapter 6: Linear Momentum and Collisions

Chapter 8: Rotational Motion and Equilibrium
Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum

Chapter 9: Solids and Fluids
Fluid Dynamics and Bernoulli's Equation

Chapters 10 & 11: Temperature, Heat, and Kinetic Theory
Heat and Temperature
Kinetic Theory of Gas and Gas Laws


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