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NSU - Norfolk State University
NUR 150 : Objectives


This course is designed to assist the student in developing a basic knowledge and understanding of the scope and function of nursing practice and the meaning of nursing as a science. The student is taught basic skills necessary to assess the level of wellness of an individual and to assist the individual to maintain a healthy state.

  1. Perform basic nursing interventions without hazard to self or others
  2. Use the nursing process to assist an individual with selected deficits in meeting universal self-care requisites
  3. Assess individuals throughout the lifespan, using developmental and maturational theories
  4. Apply Maslow's hierarchy of needs in setting priorities for nursing care of selected individuals
  5. Incorporate effective communication skills when setting priorities for nursing care of selected individuals
  6. Identify ethical and legal concepts that form the foundation of accountability in nursing practice
  7. Use feedback and constructive criticism to promote personal and professional growth
  8. Define the role of the nurse as an independent and interdependent member of the health team
  9. Develop and understanding of the university with regard to organizational structure, policies, and procedures
  10. Develop skills and competencies required for careers with regards to trends, value clarification, skills, and techniques necessary for career assessment
  11. Enhance retention through the application of study strategies and survival skills to academic and social situations on the campus and in the community
  12. Recognize diversity to develop an understanding and tolerance for diversity and to effectively deal with diversity on campus and in the community
  13. Apply critical thinking and problem-solving to everyday situations encountered by students.


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