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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
MTH 251 : Objectives
At the completion of this course, each student should be able to:

  1. Use definite integrals to determine
    a. Areas of regions between curves
    b. Volumes by disks, washers, and shells
    c. Lengths of plane curves
  2. Differentiate and integrate logarithmic, exponential inverse trigonometric,hyperbolic functions.

  3. Solve separable differential equations and applications.

  4. Evaluate integrals by using integration by parts, trigonometric substitutions & partial fractions.

  5. Evaluate integrals whose integrands are powers of sine and cosine and powers of Secant and tangent.

  6. Use L'Hopital's Rule to determine limits involving appropriate indeterminate forms.

  7. Distinguish between convergent and divergent improper integrals and evaluate the Convergent improper integrals.

  8. Find the limit of convergent sequences.

  9. Use appropriate tests for determining the convergence or divergence of infinite series

  10. Test alternating series for conditional convergence.

  11. Find the center, radius and interval of convergence for power series.

  12. Determine the McLaurin and Taylor series of functions

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