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NSU - Norfolk State University
HSM 300 : Syllabus

Text: Haimann's Healthcare Management (8th ed.), Dunn, Rose.

Credit: 3 Hours

Additional Material(s) Needed: None

Note: class meetings are online using blackboard

Course Description: Provides a broad orientation to the health delivery system and discusses the role of the health services manager and/or supervisor. Organizational theory and practical information about health administration are addressed. The organizational and environmental context within which a health manager works is investigated.

Expected students to enroll in this course are undergraduate juniors in the health services management program, nursing and non-matriculated students who are pursuing the certificate in health services management, and those who are taking the management concentration to fulfill an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies.

Lab Description: None

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Grades Assigned:
 Subjective: Instructor Discretion  
A : 100-93
 Discussion Excercises 90pts
A-: 92-90
 Quizzes    280pts
B+: 89-87
 Exams   400pts
B : 86-83
 Total points 785pts
B-: 82-80
C+: 79-77
C : 76-73
C-: 72-70
D+: 69-67
D : 62-60
F : below 60

Class Attendance Policy:This is an online course with no attendance in the traditional classroom. However, students have the responsibility to notify the instructor via telephone/e-mail if an emergency arise and/or are unable to keep up with this course.

Requirements for the Student:
This course is a required core course that introduces students to the fundamentals of management.

Information Technology Literacy

This course is directly linked with technology and your instructor expects you to:

  1. Have adequate skills to use the computer

  2. Attend blackboard training sessions

  3. Know how to navigate the different areas of blackboard to access course material and to do assignments

  4. Know how to use e-mail


All students who are registered for this course have a Norfolk State e-mail account. It is mandatory that you use your NSU e-mail account. Your e-mail is an important component of this course and you must make sure it is working properly. Please check your e-mail frequently for feedback from your instructor. Students must call the Office of Information Technology at 757-823-8678 to activate e-mail accounts.

There are no make up for quizzes, and no extra credit work is awarded.

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