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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
CHM 321 : Practice Area

Web Links

Book Website

Interactive Sites

An interactive periodic table

Chemicool (MIT)
Click on an element to find out all there is to know about that element from reactions to energies.

Interactive Organic Chemistry
An interactive tutorial with animated 3D molecules and molecule editor

Polymers and Liquid Crystals
Virtual textbook and labs maintained by Case Western Reserve University

Arizona Conformational Movies
Movies related to conformation of organic molecules, from the University of Arizona


NIST WebBook
A thermodynamic and spectroscopic database with direct and indirect searches for chemical species

Spectroscopy Problems
Unknowns requiring the interpretation of MS, NMR & IR spectra. Compiled at Notre Dame

Links and Resource Pages

Organic Chemistry Resources
A guide to organic chemistry links for the synthetic organic chemist. Compiled at Georgia State University

Another large chemistry directory with links to over 3500 Chemistry sites

World Wide Web Library
Links to chemistry sites and services compiled at UCLA

Web Resources
An index to over 6900 web resources provided by Latrobe University

Cambridge Soft
A list of searchable databases of chemical information

Instructional and Teaching Resources

Chemistry Teaching Resources
A comprehensive list of chemistry teaching resources, with links

Imperial College
A chemistry site from Imperial College including teaching and training resources and links to chemistry pages and resources

Colby College
Student resources including online notecards, stereochemistry help, and molecular database

Global Instructional Chemistry
Interactive Instructional tutorials and quizzes from Carnegie Melon University

Naming Compounds and Reactions

IUPAC nomenclature rules

Other Chemistry Information

A site devoted to the history of chemistry

ACS Web Page
The homepage of the American Chemical Society

Intercollegiate Organic Chemistry
A wealth of organic chemistry information from University of Connecticut. Including discussion groups, journals, research, job opportunities, women in science…

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