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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
CHM 224 : Syllabus

Text: Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity Kotz, Treichel, Weaver, 6th Edition 2005 Copyright Thomson Brooks/Cole

Credit: 4 Hours

Additional Material(s) Needed: none

Course Description: General Chemistry for science majors, emphasizing theoretical principles necessary for an understanding of the nature of matter and the physical and chemical changes which it undergoes. High school chemistry not required but desirable. Good understanding of algebra desirable because of the problem-solving nature of much of the work. Mathematics at the level of College Algebra (MTH 153) should be completed or taken concurrently with this course. Must be taken in sequence

Lab Description: Experimental chemistry utilizing methods of separation, identification, and purification of mixtures. Stresses thermochemical and chemical equilibrium concepts through analysis of experimental data. Experiments coordinated closely with the topics in CHM 221, 222, 223, and 224. Should be taken concurrently with or immediately following CHM 221, 222 or CHM 223, 224. Must be taken in sequence

Prerequisites:Good mathematical skills, high school chemistry, MTH 153 (co-requisite) or above.

Evaluation: Grades Assigned:
 Subjective: Instructor Discretion   A: 91 and above
  Homework Assignments 10% A-: 90 - 86
  Quizzes   25% B+: 85 - 81
  Tests   35% B : 80 - 76
 Final Exam 30% B-: 75 - 71
C+: 70 - 68
C: 67 - 64
C-: 63 - 60
D: 59 - 50
F < 50

Attendance Policy: The University expects students to attend all classes. While unnecessary absences are discouraged, the University recognizes that on occasion, students may have legitimate reasons for be absent from class such as representing the University in activities, illnesses, or personal emergencies. If the student is absent when a quiz or test is given, you must see the instructor and make arrangements before the next class meeting. Make-up quizzes are not given because of the exam / quiz replacement grade policy.

Requirements for the Student:

  1. The student should pre-study (read) all new topics before they are presented in class. You are expected to complete daily homework assignments by the time class meets the first time following discussion of lesson material in the classroom. The instructor will ascertain the daily progress in accomplishing homework exercises and will devote a portion of classroom activities to the solution of any "troublesome exercises".
  2. Separate notebooks should be maintained for classroom discussion notes and homework exercises.
  3. All homework should be carefully completed. A minimum of eight hours per week outside the class preparing for class is necessary for learning and proper understanding of the material.
  4. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in classroom discussions.
  5. Tests will be administered during the course; students can expect random quizzes; a departmental final examination will also be given.
  6. All cell phones, pagers, etc. must be turned off before entering the classroom.

Diagnostics Test: Diagnostic tests will be given to determine sufficient background for the sophmore General Chemistry course. Depending upon the results of the tests, meetings with the instructors may be required immediately. Failure to attend these meetings will seriously jeopardize the students' success in the course.

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