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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

NSU - Norfolk State University
BIO 110 : Practice Area

Study Guides:

Laboratory Study Guides:

Practice Exercises:

Chapter 2: Chemical Foundations for Cells
Chapter 3: Carbon Compounds In Cells
Chapter 5: A Closer Look at Cell Membranes
Chapter 6: Ground Rules of Metabolism
Chapter 7: How Cells Acquire Energy
Chapter 8: How Cells Release Stored Energy
Chapter 9: Cell Division and Mitosis
Chapter 10: Meiosis
Chapter 11: Observable Patterns of Inheritance
Chapter 13: DNA Structure and Function


Online Interactive Tutorials:

  • Interactive Biology:
    - Provides links to interactive sites with definitions and explanations of general biology terms and topics.
  • The Biology Project:
    - Interactive site that allows students to visualize and understand general biology topics.
  • Online Guide to Biology Resources :
    - Provides links to high school and college level biology resources including quizzes, discussions and lab exercises.
  • Quia:
    - Play interactive games and graphical demos to better understand certain biological topics.
  • BioInteract:
    - Provides interactive labs, lectures, and more...
  • Oracle ThinkQuest:
    - Lists links to biology sites that provide user interactivity, quizzes...

Online Tutorials (with graphics):

  • Biology Topics:
    - Graphical representation of key biological terms and topics.
  • Developmental Biology Tutorial:
    - Graphical descriptions of biological terms and topics.
  • On-Line Tutorials & References:
    - Reference site with biological topics and tutorials.
  • Biology 101:
    - Reference site providing links to sites containing tutorials, lecture notes, laboratory manual, review questions, course space and more...
  • Computational Biology Centers:
    – Provides indepth description of molecular biology and more...

Online Reference Sources:

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